Hi there! My name's Tom.

I'm a freelance content producer with experience in writing, editing and promoting work across a variety of digital platforms. I'm currently based in East London and am always on the lookout for new opportunities, whether on a freelance, part-time or permanent basis.

Previously, I've lived in Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby, working in various copywriting content roles, across online and print. Also for a couple of months I worked as a pot washer in a bakery where I got to lick icing off those big industrial whisks, which was great.

Past clients: Boots, Sheffield Hallam University, Adams AcademyPlay Motion, VIDGO, Focus Forward. Find out more here!

Places I've been published: Bright Wall/Dark RoomBroken Frontier, Now Then, Maura MagazineDIY, WhatCulture, ThoughtCo, Comic Book Resources, Screen Rant, The 405, Here are some highlights!

Other jobs I've had: I delivered papers for four years from the age of 12, worked as a pharmacy assistant for three years, tended bar and ran food at the University of Derby's Student Union, volunteered at a charity shop, worked a handful of admin roles for temp agencies, and then there was the bakery thing.

Things I've done on my own time: a video game blog (with accompanying YouTube channel and podcast) with a group of friends, a movie site (with video content forthcoming), a Twitter bot which creates randomised descriptions of clouds.

Here are some skills that I have: Producing copy to a strict deadline across a range of topics, running social media accounts and marketing campaigns, writing video scripts, crafting email blasts, boosting SEO for ecommerce, proofreading, copyediting, making coffees, sending gifs in professional emails.

The areas of my expertise include: technology, education, entertainment, films, video games, books, television, cats.

You can also find me on: LinkedIn, Instagramemail.

Please: no more Doctor Who jokes, at least mix it up with some Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased).