Recent editorial writing

Below is a selection of my latest reviews, interviews and essays produced for online and print publications including Bright Wall/Dark Room, Broken Frontier, Now Then, and The Daily Spectacle.


"Market forces" essay FOR bright wall/dark room

Amongst Soderbergh’s singular skills as a filmmaker is his uncanny ability to read the market, a knack for predicting the course of cinema and preemptively adjusting both his working methods and the films he makes accordingly. What he didn’t see coming, though—the thing we’re repeatedly told nobody saw coming—was the global financial crisis which rocked the world in 2008, an oversight for which he seemed to pay an even heavier price.

john review.png


As with Baker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning The Flick, a not-insignificant portion of John’s three hour, twenty minute runtime features no dialogue. There is ample space given to characters moving quietly through the B&B’s open-plan living room/communal kitchen. There are the extended pauses that come as the recently acquainted cast around for topics of conversation, or as lovers quarrel, or when someone on the verge of epiphany takes a moment to adequately collect their thoughts before verbalising them.

wertz interview bf.png

julia wertz interview for broken frontier

A city is constantly evolving. Walk through any in the UK and you’re basically walking through its history, the new built on top of the old. This is true even for modern “planned” cities like New York, which has had a particularly accelerated rate of tearing down the existing landscape and putting a shiny new face on it. In Tenements, Towers & Trash, Julia Wertz takes a chisel to those renovated storefronts, apartment buildings and subway stations, excavating the lost history of the Big Apple half-concealed beneath them.